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Welcome to Valhalla
We are a serious International Ragnarok Online guild on Classic Server. Our focus is War of Emperium (WoE), but we also participate in MVP and PvM as well as weekly Endless Tower runs. While most of us are veteran players, we are still newbie friendly as long as you are willing to learn. Once you register and log in, you will be able to fill out an application; you should hear back from us within 24 hours. We accept all types of players- respect comes above all else. Thanks for your interest!

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#5688 Xellie exposed

Posted by Shomaye on 03 October 2015 - 04:36 PM

Jennko did not say he was ...


Shomaye doesn't like this thread.

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#133 What to expect and is expected of Valhalla members

Posted by Xellie on 20 March 2015 - 05:25 AM

Valhalla is a guild that takes part in all aspects of the game.


Whilst being a weekend warrior is fine (and some times necessary to maintain enjoyment in the game), there are those who want to play all the other parts of Ragnarok Online.


Thus the guild has the resources to enable and improve participation in both. This is not an exhaustive list, but please look at this seriously and take note to improve your opportunities in game.


You are expected to keep an active character in the Valhalla guild, not hide away in alt guilds.


War of Emperium

  • You are expected to post your attendance status every week, even if it is regular. This is to allow the creation of a roster and make sure we have all roles covered.
  • Supplies are handed out starting from 90mins before WoE and stop 20mins before WoE. You may ask for supply during the week.
  • Sometimes you may be asked to switch character. This will only happen if vital.
  • You are expected to stay in Valhalla for the entire duration of WoE and take castles under Valhalla.
  • You are expected to take part in battlegrounds for SP potions.


God Items

God items are available for use by all whom help in the creation of the items. Creation encompasses many aspects, such as:

  • WoE supply
  • WoE attendance
  • Seal character creation
  • Seal character levelling
  • Seal questing
  • Quest Item hunting
  • Seal Stone donation
  • God item component donation

God Item access is granted on a case by case basis. Do not get offended if you aren't given access immediately, as sometimes many people have access at once and it makes sense to wait until they have finished their current project.
The more you assist with creation, the more priority you are given to access the items.

God items are locked for guild events, creations and WoE.


Personal Asprikas (or bryn set minus flowers) may be gifted to you from the guild after a year of membership.


Shorter term members are also entitled to long term Asprika loans and discounts on 2.0 creations, depending on contribution.



Supplies are provided in a crowd sourced manner.

It is expected that everybody helps out in any way that they can to contribute to the supply effort. This can include

  • Donation of blue herbs / empty bottles
  • Brewing
  • Guild Supply Box hunting (gum is provided and character/gear are available)

If you consistantly help out with supplies you can also request supplies to assist with levelling/mvping or for PVP use.

Surplus supplies from WoE can be kept, unless return is requested.

Supplies are provided to guild members for MVPing, Endless Tower, Okolnir, PVP events, WoE.


If you are caught reselling guild supplies you WILL be blacklisted from supply in the future.



MVPing can be a public or personal affair. If you wish to camp MVPs, you may use god items to do so. We have an MVP timer/tracker on which you can mark your MVP so that other guildmembers know to not compete with you (unless you're ok with that!) and to share times/switch off spawns.


Guild MVPs are subject to different loot rules, some loot will be withheld for the guildfunds. If you're not clear on this ask. Supplies are provided for guild MVPs.


If you use the MVP tracker to steal times/comp guildmembers, there WILL be consequences.


Guildfunds / Castle treasure

  • All castle treasure is used for the guild's development, to pay for supplying, buy mvp cards, etc.
  • All god item parts are kept, not sold unless a good trade comes up.
  • All OCAs are converted to ACAs and opened for guild items (DR/GR/MP)
  • Elu/Ori/DBs are available from the guild for free
  • All slotted crap loot are also available for free for keeps or sell*
  • The guildfund has a large amount of level 10 fencer mercs you may use for levelling important characters.
  • The guildfund can be used for loans. If you need zeny, talk to me.
  • All cards from ACA opening are stored on a special card account. If you need a card, just ask. Cards under 10m are free, cards under 100m have a 20% discount.


If you are caught reselling guild fund items you WILL be blacklisted from the guildfund in the future.*

*You may sell slotted craploot.


Miniboss cards

Are accessible for usage for trusted members. How long this takes can vary from member to member, but GR/DR/MP cards are available for your PVP/MVP needs.

During WoE the miniboss card placement is dictated by the guild. Do not demand them.


MVP cards

MVP card usage is dictated by the guild during WoE/ET/Okolnir

Long term members have access to MVP cards (1 year+)

Your account information may be requested if you use guild MVP cards.


If there is any drama over ANY of the items, expect your access to be revoked! We will not take any chances with guild earned equipment, so they will not be accessible by anyone who could potentially be a liability!

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#5714 Xellie exposed

Posted by Lyndel on 03 October 2015 - 05:53 PM

Teaming up with your leader to conceal what she has done. Classic. And pointing out other people's grammar is one basic way to not lose an argument. I don't understand shit.



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#5641 Xellie exposed

Posted by Lyndel on 03 October 2015 - 12:59 PM

What even was your offer to begin with? Also spamming is not going to make you look any more believable. And if you present evidence make sure it's not a pixelated fuckfest and everything is clearly visible, because otherwise it just makes you look like a goofball.

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#5111 Application

Posted by Care on 03 September 2015 - 02:56 PM

Name: Care

Character name: Care

Are you established on classic or just starting? If you're just starting, what was your previous server if any?: I suck. plz help.

What are your previous guilds and the reason for leaving?: I betrayed my USA homeland for the great Mother Korea.

Can you use Teamspeak/ventrilo? Do you have a microphone?: Yes. Yes.

Can you attend both or either of Saturday WoE (1:00pm PST) and Sunday WoE (12:00pm PST)?: Maybe.  Because Korea.

What classes do you have/intend to make?: HP, Shitty bot stalker, shitty potter, high mage, hindsight scholar, regular shitty scholar, shitty bard, shitty hunter.

What roles are you experienced with in WoE?: HP, warper, shitty linker

Have you ever been banned on iRO? If so, why?: I logged in too many times with the wrong password.

Why would you like to Join Valhalla?: I'm lonely.

Anything else you think we should know?: I'm a 12 year old boy from Alaska. My photo can be seen on the old forums.

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#4290 [SinX] Ground control guide

Posted by Xellie on 03 August 2015 - 05:21 PM

When LKs are running into us, it's super important for the sins to be on top of killing the LKs.
Ideally we have 2 sinxs geared for this (ask for gear); and don't be shy about asking for the correct support.
Stay in the stack at mid/back, stay cloaked, stay buffed. Make sure you are using insomniacs and an unfrozen. (unless, seriously, they are not frost joking)
What you should equip:
upper : GMG/default in cloak / swap beret on threat
mid : insomniac - you are required to be awake.
lower : pirate/gangster mask
garment : asprika (immune if bomb threat) - NEVER WEAR DR FOR THIS.
shield : cranial valk shield
weapon : NO WEAPON -> sam spec
accessories : megs
shoes : variant/sleip
armor : This will vary depending on the opponent, but if they're using red twins, use fire unfrozen. You have zero reduction when your weapon is on, so if you can element fuck them do it. If they're using blue twins, wind unfrozen is good too. Brynhild can help with reflect (uber situational).
Bowling bash hurts. It's not a joke.
Default element : If they are unfrozen ghosters, holy is a good choice. (do this yourself), if not, wind is a solid second choice. If the LKs/champs coming in are freezing, just go with wind. Use holy on scholars, fuck those guys.
Don't get overzealous and try to get people that are going to put you in bomb range unless you absolutely have to. Don't grimtooth unless told. you'll get destroyed. Don't SB on an agi sin, reflect is terrible.
Use your convertor when you have only shield and no weapon equipped. When you equip a weapon the element will carry over. (an endow is only removed on unequipping)
Don't swap back to cranial + CK unless you really have to. Yes, it looks awesome. But you are going to put yourself in more danger when you have to put the katar on before endowing.
Swap back to Cranial if you are taking damage / the target dies. Use hide/cloak to get out of being targeted if you're being focused.
Maybe no duh, but only EDP in strings.
Fucking pot when you SB, pre-empt that reflect or you will die to BB+reflect combo and it's retarded.
You kind of learn who you can and can't go crazy on because of reflect. It's smart to use level 5 SB on LKs using dark bac. You may need to go lower, depending on who it is.
Calc link
Fire armor/wind conv/insomn, requires lex.
200str vs 40% demi / 30% elemental
LK w/ 110vit + 20% hp boost = HP 25129 (no lutie)

Minimum Damage: 16091 (2005 x 8Hit)
Average Damage: 17142 (2136 x 8Hit)
Maximum Damage: 18193 (2267 x 8Hit)

w/ Brynhild
Minimum Damage: 17699 (2206 x 8Hit)
Average Damage: 18854 (2350 x 8Hit)
Maximum Damage: 20001 (2493 x 8Hit)
+ Masquerade
Minimum Damage: 18027 (2247 x 8Hit)
Average Damage: 19198 (2393 x 8Hit)
Maximum Damage: 20377 (2540 x 8Hit)
Conclusion : The LK must always be lexed if it's not freezing. This should never happen. It should either freeze or not have 40% resistance. If it's not freezing, try aspersio since it might be using deadly.

vs frozen Lord Knight: (unfrozen/insomniac/pirate dagger)
Minimum Damage: 28131 (3510 x 8Hit)
Average Damage: 29966 (3739 x 8Hit)
Maximum Damage: 31793 (3967 x 8Hit)
Swap to bryn if able to deal with potential reflect/lutie.
vs unfrozen Ghost LK (unfrozen/insomniac/pirate dagger)
Minimum Damage: 46894 (5851 x 8Hit)
Average Damage: 49947 (6232 x 8Hit)
Maximum Damage: 53000 (6613 x 8Hit)
note to supporters:

  • Lex incoming LKs (spam them)
  • Keep the sinx linked/blessed/kaupe
  • Frost joke is good.
  • Tarot is good
  • Dispell them once or twice. (this is why lex must be spammed)


  • Don't Stone Curse LKs, stone curse removes Lex and fire might be a 125% extra damage, which is negated by valk shield anyway. It's a pointless exercise if someone is trying to kill the LK. (obviously there's a time and a place for this situation)
  • don't bomb LKs/scholars in our stack, wtf
  • don't arrow shower LKs
  • don't sight randomly.

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#2661 Application

Posted by Xellie on 16 June 2015 - 11:29 PM

welp, I can't say no to that can I

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#2659 Application

Posted by SabatonCBA on 16 June 2015 - 11:13 PM


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#921 Iggys Signing up!

Posted by Iggys on 23 April 2015 - 06:23 PM

Name: Jonathan, but you can call me Iggy(s)
Character name: IggysS
Are you established on classic or just starting? If you're just starting, what was your previous server if any?: Relatively established, my assassin is at level 86 currently(and climbing!), and I have most of the basic gears to make him viable. I started playing as soon as classic dropped on my hunter, but quit because I moved to China for 6 months.

What are your previous guilds and the reason for leaving?: I am currently in the guild Crit Happens, but they are very inactive, and the two that do play don't really do much. I am looking for a more team oriented atmosphere.

Can you use Teamspeak/ventrilo? Do you have a microphone?: I have both installed as well as a working microphone

Can you attend both or either of Saturday WoE (1:00pm PST) and Sunday WoE (12:00pm PST)?: I am a real estate agent, and as such my schedule can change at the very last minute. I will however plan on being present for WoE every week, as it is my favorite thing to do in RO.

What classes do you have/intend to make?: Assasin/Hunter. I also have supporting characters such as: Priest, Endow Sage, Merchant, and am working on a Linker.

What roles are you experienced with in WoE?: around 2004-2005 I played a knight. Other than that I have had limited experience with a hunter in classic before the trans classes were introduced.

Have you ever been banned on iRO? If so, why?: No.

Why would you like to Join Valhalla?:  I am looking for active members to engage with while playing RO. I was interested in ValHalla after seeing Xellie on the forums passionately duking it out with some trolls and uninformed, biased retards ( I may have went too far, but srsly how did they ruin classic...).

Anything else you think we should know?: I have red hair. You have been warned!

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#7620 Application

Posted by wernickcorsa on 25 February 2016 - 06:01 AM

name: Adriel
Character name: Yuan018
Are you established on classic or just starting? If you're just starting, what was your previous server if any?: Just starting, pRO and trying to play private server like talon RO and myRO.
What are your previous guilds and the reason for leaving?:  mostly pRO guilds , the server is down now.
Can you use Teamspeak/ventrilo? Do you have a microphone?: Yes
Can you attend both or either of Saturday WoE (1:00pm PST) and Sunday WoE (12:00pm PST)?: i mostly attending Sundays, not sure in Saturdays
What classes do you have/intend to make?: Im new to classic RO, but im planning to make champion or minstrel
What roles are you experienced with in WoE?: Champion,minstrel, HP
Have you ever been banned on iRO? If so, why?: No
Why would you like to Join Valhalla?:  I always watch xellie's streams ( woe, Godly quest, specially ET) and want to experience it again how to play.

Anything else you think we should know?: im 19 , from Philippines but now im in US, been playing RO since 2011.  I stop playing RO since 3rd job came. 

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#5733 Xellie exposed

Posted by Debbi Scheppard on 03 October 2015 - 07:24 PM

wanna talk about it on teamspeak Kebtung?

Does he speak as poorly as he types?

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#5709 Xellie exposed

Posted by Xellie on 03 October 2015 - 05:41 PM

Ok Kebtung/Jennko I am very sorry I photoshopped the picture. You caught me.


As proof I have uploaded a picture of the original PM



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#5693 Xellie exposed

Posted by Xellie on 03 October 2015 - 05:03 PM

Jay, it's just kebtung crying because I ignored his PM on WP because he's a dumbshit


Then he came in the topic and called me greedy, so the mod deleted him


So he thinks it's about me not reading his PM, when it's actually because he's an arse (who is I guess suspended from WP)

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#5682 Xellie exposed

Posted by dzmL on 03 October 2015 - 02:51 PM

Want me to tie his iP to the various ro accounts he's logged in with? I have the query built already from the last op we ran, so it's not much trouble. The sql injection hasn't been fixed yet.
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#4545 My application

Posted by Rythen on 12 August 2015 - 03:46 PM

Character name: AmericanPie, AmericanPie3, .Pie., Eat Shit, BananaPie


One of these things is not like the other...

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#203 Immune (Beware)

Posted by Guest on 02 April 2015 - 03:16 AM

You had me at sexy.

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#14 Applying? Read here on how to apply!

Posted by Sarah on 29 January 2015 - 08:26 AM

Hi, welcome to Valhalla

We are a Classic iRO guild made of mostly pre-renewal veterans. Currently, we are looking for people who will be warring with us as we are a major WoE guild. We have characters we can let you play if you don't have one yet.
Valhalla has a huge array of ingame items available for both old and new members to access and forward themselves in the game. However, access to these items requires contribution toward the guild's progress and well-being.  Showing up for WoE and entertaining yourself with our supplies only to never being seen for the rest of the week does not count as contribution. We appreciate it, but running a guild takes a lot of teamwork and everyone is expected to pitch in even if it's just a little. Everyone does something to earn access to the items!

Our current priority recruitment spots are open for : 
  • Biochemist
  • Scholar (Professor)
  • Sacrifice Paladin (Devo)
  • Champion
  • Soul linker
Please don't apply if you don't have a sense of humor or need to use third party programs to carry you (RCX is permitted).

Application format: 

What server are you applying on? Classic / RESTART
Name: (How would you prefer to be called.)
Character name: (Include an ropd.info link if possible.)
Are you established on the server or just starting? If you're just starting, what was your previous server if any?: (Explain.)
What are your previous guilds and the reason for leaving?: (Explain.)
Can you use Teamspeak/discord? Do you have a microphone?: (Explain.)
CLASSIC : Can you attend both or either of Saturday WoE (12:00pm PST) and Sunday WoE (11:00am PST)?: (Explain.)
RESTART: Can you attend WoE (Saturday 9am pst): (Explain)
What classes do you have/intend to make?: (Explain.)
What roles are you experienced with in WoE?: (Explain.)
Have you ever been banned on iRO? If so, why?: (Explain.)
Why would you like to Join Valhalla?: (Explain.)
[b]Anything else you think we should know?:

Failure to complete this form properly will result in rejection of your application.
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#12328 Restart App

Posted by Artemis on 12 November 2017 - 09:08 AM

Hey, Kris. Thanks for checking out Valhalla. We're pretty active in WoE and try to organize leveling parties around level 80ish or so. The template you answered is actually outdated, so I wanna correct some things:
- the WoE time is 9:00 to 11:00 server time which is PST (West coast, USA)
- we use discord for chatting and voice comms at https://discord.gg/EdUq246

Preferrably, we can use your Knight for sure, the warper is a bonus. We'll be happy to get you in the guild, so just post something in the #general-public chat and we'll go from there. See you soon!
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#10840 hai.. im a novice player.. guild apply

Posted by Aux on 18 March 2017 - 10:33 AM

Chef and playing dota, I like this guy already.

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#10270 Guild Application Mierski

Posted by Xellie on 19 November 2016 - 10:55 AM

Aha! So random fact, that's actually why myself and the original members chose the name - after the guild we were in died off.

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