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Welcome to Valhalla
We are a serious International Ragnarok Online guild on Classic Server. Our focus is War of Emperium (WoE), but we also participate in MVP and PvM as well as weekly Endless Tower runs. While most of us are veteran players, we are still newbie friendly as long as you are willing to learn. Once you register and log in, you will be able to fill out an application; you should hear back from us within 24 hours. We accept all types of players- respect comes above all else. Thanks for your interest!

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What server are you applying on?
- axi0m, axi, any variation thereof
Character name:
- Setekh
Are you established on the server or just starting? If you're just starting, what was your previous server if any?:
- Just starting on Restart. Previously on Chaos.
What are your previous guilds and the reason for leaving?:
- Denuo Convena, Valhalla. Left due to quitting RO.
Can you use Teamspeak/discord? Do you have a microphone?:
- Yup, much to everyone's dismay
CLASSIC : Can you attend both or either of Saturday WoE (12:00pm PST) and Sunday WoE (11:00am PST)?:
- N/A
RESTART: Can you attend WoE (Saturday 9am pst):
- Yes indeed!
What classes do you have/intend to make?: (Explain.)
- Monk/Champ and will likely work on an Assassin once SinX is on the horizon. Delicious SD.
What roles are you experienced with in WoE?: (Explain.)
- Smashing, Emp Stealing, Backdooring and g-fisting everything in site
Have you ever been banned on iRO? If so, why?: (Explain.)
- Nope
Why would you like to Join Valhalla?: (Explain.)
- I'm coming back to RO and what better way to re-integrate than to join my old pals! Oh, I guess Xellie is cool too. (Am I doing this humor thing right?)
[b]Anything else you think we should know?:
- I mean... hi? How has everyone been?
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Hi Zach! Really could use some champion! 


https://discord.gg/ukk9C5 mention me when you get on and I'll give you permissions


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