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Welcome to Valhalla
We are a serious International Ragnarok Online guild on Classic Server. Our focus is War of Emperium (WoE), but we also participate in MVP and PvM as well as weekly Endless Tower runs. While most of us are veteran players, we are still newbie friendly as long as you are willing to learn. Once you register and log in, you will be able to fill out an application; you should hear back from us within 24 hours. We accept all types of players- respect comes above all else. Thanks for your interest!

Guild rules regarding ingame play.

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Personally, my definition of cheating falls under
- something that automates play without you present
- something that allows play outside of the normal confines of the client
- something that not everybody has access to
- some types of RMT
- botting
- autopot
- FPS increasing programs
- Packet injection
Now, this is going to be different to the GMs rules laid out here:
Whilst that is a good start and a guideline, it's not very clear.
Auto hotkey (AHK) / Keyboard / software macro (not a bot)
- potion spamming, gear swapping, tasking (gloria on laptop) etc are fine.

- Please share your macros for other to use!
DO NOT automate gameplay and go AFK. If you can't pass a bot test, it's illegal.
DO NOT use AHK to read pixel colours and react to pot for you. This is a version of autopot. It is not allowed.
is fine, with the exception of the groupie function.
Groupie function use is forbidden

Client Editting
As the GMs say that flatmap/greyworld is fine, you may do this. I do not agree with the GMs stance on this but I can't stop you.
Big card/Big GSB is permissiable
Cast circle, aura and cursor edits are fine


no 1:1 partypop, BM fix, Hallucination fix, no shake, unlimited zoom and free camera are allowed.


Maya purple hack is forbidden
DO NOT Edit player sprites
DO NOT Edit monster sprites
DO NOT Edit player names into GM sprites

GREY WORLD IS FORBIDDEN (as of August 1st 2016)

is forbidden



RMT in the form of trading WPE is allowed

RMT from the gold selling website is forbidden


Programs that increase the FPS of the client (nodelay lite)

are forbidden


Packet Editting

 is forbidden


Any other programs that people do not have general access to, bypass the client or would lead you to failing a bot test are not allowed.


Ultimately, if you do stupid shit, it's your account that you're endangering. If you're endangering your account with bannable offenses or stupid behaviour, expect at the very minimum to lose access to guild privileges.

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