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Welcome to Valhalla
We are a serious International Ragnarok Online guild on Classic Server. Our focus is War of Emperium (WoE), but we also participate in MVP and PvM as well as weekly Endless Tower runs. While most of us are veteran players, we are still newbie friendly as long as you are willing to learn. Once you register and log in, you will be able to fill out an application; you should hear back from us within 24 hours. We accept all types of players- respect comes above all else. Thanks for your interest!

What to expect and is expected of Valhalla members

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Valhalla is a guild that takes part in all aspects of the game.


Whilst being a weekend warrior is fine (and some times necessary to maintain enjoyment in the game), there are those who want to play all the other parts of Ragnarok Online.


Thus the guild has the resources to enable and improve participation in both. This is not an exhaustive list, but please look at this seriously and take note to improve your opportunities in game.


You are expected to keep an active character in the Valhalla guild, not hide away in alt guilds.


War of Emperium

  • You are expected to post your attendance status every week, even if it is regular. This is to allow the creation of a roster and make sure we have all roles covered.
  • Supplies are handed out starting from 90mins before WoE and stop 20mins before WoE. You may ask for supply during the week.
  • Sometimes you may be asked to switch character. This will only happen if vital.
  • You are expected to stay in Valhalla for the entire duration of WoE and take castles under Valhalla.
  • You are expected to take part in battlegrounds for SP potions.


God Items

God items are available for use by all whom help in the creation of the items. Creation encompasses many aspects, such as:

  • WoE supply
  • WoE attendance
  • Seal character creation
  • Seal character levelling
  • Seal questing
  • Quest Item hunting
  • Seal Stone donation
  • God item component donation

God Item access is granted on a case by case basis. Do not get offended if you aren't given access immediately, as sometimes many people have access at once and it makes sense to wait until they have finished their current project.
The more you assist with creation, the more priority you are given to access the items.

God items are locked for guild events, creations and WoE.


Personal Asprikas (or bryn set minus flowers) may be gifted to you from the guild after a year of membership.


Shorter term members are also entitled to long term Asprika loans and discounts on 2.0 creations, depending on contribution.



Supplies are provided in a crowd sourced manner.

It is expected that everybody helps out in any way that they can to contribute to the supply effort. This can include

  • Donation of blue herbs / empty bottles
  • Brewing
  • Guild Supply Box hunting (gum is provided and character/gear are available)

If you consistantly help out with supplies you can also request supplies to assist with levelling/mvping or for PVP use.

Surplus supplies from WoE can be kept, unless return is requested.

Supplies are provided to guild members for MVPing, Endless Tower, Okolnir, PVP events, WoE.


If you are caught reselling guild supplies you WILL be blacklisted from supply in the future.



MVPing can be a public or personal affair. If you wish to camp MVPs, you may use god items to do so. We have an MVP timer/tracker on which you can mark your MVP so that other guildmembers know to not compete with you (unless you're ok with that!) and to share times/switch off spawns.


Guild MVPs are subject to different loot rules, some loot will be withheld for the guildfunds. If you're not clear on this ask. Supplies are provided for guild MVPs.


If you use the MVP tracker to steal times/comp guildmembers, there WILL be consequences.


Guildfunds / Castle treasure

  • All castle treasure is used for the guild's development, to pay for supplying, buy mvp cards, etc.
  • All god item parts are kept, not sold unless a good trade comes up.
  • All OCAs are converted to ACAs and opened for guild items (DR/GR/MP)
  • Elu/Ori/DBs are available from the guild for free
  • All slotted crap loot are also available for free for keeps or sell*
  • The guildfund has a large amount of level 10 fencer mercs you may use for levelling important characters.
  • The guildfund can be used for loans. If you need zeny, talk to me.
  • All cards from ACA opening are stored on a special card account. If you need a card, just ask. Cards under 10m are free, cards under 100m have a 20% discount.


If you are caught reselling guild fund items you WILL be blacklisted from the guildfund in the future.*

*You may sell slotted craploot.


Miniboss cards

Are accessible for usage for trusted members. How long this takes can vary from member to member, but GR/DR/MP cards are available for your PVP/MVP needs.

During WoE the miniboss card placement is dictated by the guild. Do not demand them.


MVP cards

MVP card usage is dictated by the guild during WoE/ET/Okolnir

Long term members have access to MVP cards (1 year+)

Your account information may be requested if you use guild MVP cards.


If there is any drama over ANY of the items, expect your access to be revoked! We will not take any chances with guild earned equipment, so they will not be accessible by anyone who could potentially be a liability!

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